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Community Cooperative Adult Day Program Network


The Presence Care Project’s Community Cooperative Adult Day Program Network mission is to create a supportive, dementia friendly community by engaging care partners in providing services in community-based, affordable co-op adult day programming.

The vision includes three levels, or “Tiers” of programming:

Tier 1

This first tier offers education on brain health, signs and symptoms of early neurocognitive decline, cognitive screenings, and increasing awareness of local resources. This tier also includes so-called “memory friendly” programming for people and their partners in the very early stages of neurocognitive decline. It is focused on keeping persons with dementia and their partners engaged in life, the community, and with each other.

Tier 2

As symptoms progress and the PWD care needs increase to the point that they need guidance and supervision, CCADP offerings will include weekly gatherings in public spaces, such as cafés, museums, parks, etc. At this stage, persons with dementia may need assistance with transportation, meal preparation and initiating activities. Care partners will be expected to contribute part-time and facilitate gatherings as needed. Education and support for care dyads continue, now with added education for the care partners alone that is focused on the neurobiology of neurocognitive decline and effects on function and behavior, as well as behavior based interventions and care partner wellness practices.

Tier 3

Tier 3 offers full onsite Adult Day Care, with care partners volunteering part-time in whatever capacity is possible and most helpful to the program. This robust care partner volunteer program offsets the cost of running a traditional Adult Day Care program which makes it more affordable for participants. The added benefit include:

  • Persons with dementia transition more easily into the program when their care partner is present.
  • Care partners receive “light respite” by connecting and creating community with each other.
  • Care partners gain important skills that transition home with them.


In early 2020, a Tier 3 Cooperative Adult Day pilot program was generously funded by the Stupski Foundation. It was manifested through a partnership with Daybreak Centers and the Institute on Aging (IOA), two amazing San Francisco Bay Area community-based organizations with a long service record. The program has proved successful in reducing the cost of Adult Day Care, and, more importantly, has shown to provide much needed community support, education and respite to participants.

We are excited to announce that a second program is underway! This program will be offered at Beth Eden Baptist Church in Oakland, California and will include all three Tiers. This project will be manifested through a partnership with Daybreak Centers and Beth Eden Baptist Church.

If you are interested in getting involved or establishing a partnership in order to bring this program to your community, please email us at [email protected].