MBDC Program

Program Format


The Mindfulness-Based Dementia Care (MBDC) program includes a series of 8, 2-hour interactive classes over an 8 to 10 week period, and a half-day retreat.

Each class is structured around a theme, and includes mindfulness practices and practical approaches to dementia care.  In between classes, participants are invited to practice meditation and their other new skills at home. Class 7 is a half-day retreat (or extended mindfulness class) that ties everything together and allows participants to deepen their practice, and experience what it is like to do everyday activities (walking, sitting, eating) mindfully. Many participants say that they were most worried about this class, but it ended up being their favorite.

Whether you are caring for someone living at home or in residential care, this course will speak to your experience.  It is not uncommon for those newer to care partnering to join long-time care partners in this course. The range of experiences contributes to the wisdom and encouragement available in each class.

Class Themes

Class 1: Introduction to Mindfulness — and One Another!

Class 2: Practicing with Attitudes

Class 3: Living Grief and Self-Compassion

Class 4: Coming to Our Senses

Class 5: Every Day Communication

Class 6: Being with Difficulty

Class 7: Deepening Practice — Extended Session/Retreat

Class 8: Caring for Yourself

Class 9: Practicing Forward

Class Materials

An in-depth workbook accompanies the course. Each week, after the class, participants receive an electronic copy of their workbook chapter. The workbook also includes a summary of points covered in the session.  In addition, there are reflective questions and space for participants to journal about their experiences as well as the new skills and practices they are learning.

Home Practice

Each week, participants are encouraged to:

  • set aside time for meditation practice
  • practice the skills learned in class at home
  • read and journal in the MBDC Workbook